[REVIEW] Canmake Maxi Volume Rouge Lipstick #02 Pink Berry

8:40 PM

Hello! I'm back with another review!

If You ready my last post, I talk about lucky bag that I received. I got Canmake Maxi Volume Rouge Lipstick which I assume already discontinued since I can't find it in their official website. I got in #02 Pink Berry.

There's nothing special about the packaging. Just a pink transparent box. 
The lipstick itself is a silver bullet with a small CANMAKE words. Inside the cap there's "maxi volume rouge " engraved. The color appear shimmering pink, pink to red berry. I was afraid of the color when I saw it first, it's kinda too pink for my liking. but, how is it? let's swatch it! 
As you can see, this lipstick is sheer. On the right I applied more than 3 times. The color do intensify a bit but I think after third layer it won't intensify more. 

 Here's swatch on my lips. Upper is my bare lips, and lower one is my lips using maxi vol rouge. The color seems nice to me, but I don't like shimmering lips :( I think the term volume comes from the shimmer so it'll reflect light thus making your lips look fuller.
It does moisturize my lips for 4-5 hours, after that I start to feel my lips drying. I did ate a bit and the lipstick is still there. But I do believe it won't last for more than 7 hours...
I won't repurchase it tho, I want to tried NYX lip cream..... >_<

Selca time!

I bought this lipstick with help of Miaw Lens! If you happen live in Indonesia and in need of japanese product do ask them or help!

 See you on next review!

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