[REVIEW] AOI Wig - Kousaka Honoka Wig

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Yo! happy weekend guys! What did you do for this weekend?

Today I'm going to review a wig which I bought to replace my old wig. Not because my last wig is bad but I was kinda wanted to look better and better for my Honoka cosplay since she's my beloved waifu so yeah I'm willing to spend more money for her cosplay.

The wig I talked about is this wig

Taraaa~! It's from AOI shop at taobao. Some people said they have best wig for Love Live so I was tempted to buy it lol 

Here's what came in my mail 

I love the wig because it's so fluffy and fuwafuwa and so pretty irl. It came with long bangs so you must cut it first. I prefer that way because sometime it came too short for my big forehead. 
The color is pretty itself /o/ Honoka's hair is brownish orange but this wig is more to orange than brown. I prefer orange-ish brown actually haha so it's okay for me. Let's say 90-95% match with the stock photo. 

The thickness is perfect. Not so thick (because it will be too heavy to wear) but no net shown at all. It does tangle a bit (all wig do, at least every wig I've tried) when used, but it's easy to untangle it. It doesn't shine or reflective to flash. And the wig feels so soft too (~'v')~ 

But let me remind you this wig has small wigcap so for bighead people you have been warned. I didn't have big head, when I wear it it feel really fit to my head, I don't have to hook the grip. If you looking for big wigcap I suggest you to buy Lucaille wig

The other downside is you have to carefully comb this wig for untangle or such. It doesn't shed too much when it shed

It shed in a group :'( Like a group of fiber coming down. Not every time, but just for reminder. 

I've been wearing this wig for my last Honoka cosplay. But if you're too lazy for that (and me being narcissistic bastard) Here's the photo of me wearing the wig.

TL;DR summary 

+ Soft, fluffy, fuwafuwa 
+ Easy to untangle  
+ The photo stock is 90-95% match with real stuff
+ Pretty thick
+ Not shining or reflective (at least tolerable) 

- Small wigcap
- If shed, it's in a group
- PRICEY (I put this in the end because it's for waifu I'm willing to pay more but I need to warn you guys) 

I got this wig from

(ship within Indonesia only sorry) 

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day~ 

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