REVIEW AND SWATCH: Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack palette MATTE

10:01 PM

Hello everyone! I'm going to review and swatch my newest palette, Coastal Scents 42 Double Stack palette MATTE. I bought this cutie at Black Friday sales. 

I have a fetish for palette. What ever it is, eyeshadow palette, lip-eye, you name it. I think it's pretty convenient to add everything into one box and carry it everywhere. I never finish any eyeshadow in my life so I don't mind having smaller pot on a palette.

This cutie have 42 eyeshadow and 8 blush. But they write 42 blush and eyeshadow so first time I read the title I think they had 42 color for blush LOL They should change the title. The eyeshadow have basic color range. The blush range is amazing, they had subtle pink to rose one. The only thing missing is brown blush for shading.
On the package you'll get three eyeshadow applicator. The bristle is soft but I won't use them.

Here's close up look for the color

And here's the swatch!! 

Eyeshadow swatch
(with NYX eyeprimer)

Blush swatch

The eyeshadow has nice pigmentation, but I strongly recommend you to use primer since it's too powdery. If you don't use primer, it won't stick to your eyelid and fall out when blended. 
Blush has nice pigmentation too. I don't have any objection for the blush. It's just missing a matte brown blush for shading. The only brown blush there has gold glitter, I can't use it for shading :( 

Overall I'm quite satisfied with this palette. I won't buy it again, it's already too much. 

Thanks for reading!  

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