[FOTD] Practice makes perfect!

3:43 AM

Hello guys! It's me again XD

Yesterday, since I don't have any mood to do my proposal I tried to practice my makeup skill. Especially eye makeup. I can't really do eye makeup, It's still hard for me to blend the color nicely. Either the color is become too transparent *for me* because too many blending, or the color is too strong it'll cover other color :(

I actually want to join a giveaway last week but I'm sick all week so I skipped the deadline :( I initially want to recreate this look

It mainly using plum color. I don't really have the same color so I tried to find other color which almost similar to this.

Here's the result:

This is what I used: 

SkinAqua UVMoisture Gel
Canmake Dolly Mat Base
NYX HD Photogenic Foundation in Sand Beige
LA Girls pro concealer in Pure Beige 
Wardah Loose Powder #03 Ivory
Inez Color Contour blush #08 Gold Dipped Brick
NYX Blush PB01 Sand

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base
PAC 48 Palette
KATE eyeliner
Diamond Lash Fake Eyelash Princess eye
Dollywink Fake Eyelash #05 Real Nude
Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette #01 Bare Classics

Caring Happy Lip Colour #16 Summer Pink

What do you think? Did I do it or not? lol I still need a lot of practice, so bear with my skill for a while haha
And time for selca!

I'm sorry I'm not cute enough for your liking haha

Thanks for reading! See you on next post

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[FOTD] Cousin wedding

4:52 AM

Hello all! I rarely post again since I have many things to do. I have to make proposal for my upcoming paper >_< I progressed so slow. I wish I can do it better >.<

Anyway, two week before I attended my cousin wedding. I had to come early in the morning and do makeup since I became "Pager Ayu". Javanese tradition sure complicated in many way XD

Me, my sister, and my little cousin! My extended family is so big I can't possibly to remember each name and their status for me. This wedding is for niece of my uncle's wife. Yes, it's too far ^^; 

I can't really trust MUA for doing my face, and I think I have to show off my skill with make up in every event possible so I do my own makeup for this wedding (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ I feel so pro lol 

I didn't prepare everything for this wedding. I never know the color of the kebaya so I bring my coastal scents palette. The problem is I only bring one lipstick, which is Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Stoplight Red. It won't match with the color of my cloth, which is pink. So I put concealer before applying lipstick and use a little bit lipstick using lip brush resulting pinkinsh color (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ I named this look as romantic fantasy haha

Do you like this look? Thanks for reading!  



6:51 PM

Hey belle! How's your day in this merry weekend? Did you got your plan?

Apparently I'm in deep confusion. I want to buy new lip product. I'm attracted to this two product

Etude Vivid Pop Sticks and Etude Rosy lip tint. Yep, both are etude product. For me, etude has good lip product. But I'm confused which product to buy!
I've been searching for swatches too
Vivid Pop Stick 
From website

From reviewer
(I'm sorry I forgot where I got this :( If you made this and don't want this swatches on my blog I'll remove this ASAP) 

Rosy lip Tint
From website
From reviewer
(I'm sorry I forgot where I got this :( If you made this and don't want this swatches on my blog I'll remove this ASAP) 

IMHO they have almost similar color. But Rosy tint is fall collection so  the color is a little bit darker than vivid pop. I'm having a hard time choosing which product to buy and which color should I pick. 

Any suggestion?? 


[REVIEW] Dollywink Black Volume Mascara

1:11 AM

Hello all! I'm back with another review. Now I'm going to review about my newest mascara, Dollywink Black Volume Mascara.

I bought this package from Kay Collection last month. I actually want the long one but they don't have it in their store so I picked this one. 
The package is so cute. Black tube with gold letter. The cap is also in gold. It's so girly with flower decoration. I can say the package is so good (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

The wand itself has two longer part than the other. I usually use the longer part for my upper lash and the shorter one for my under lash. It doesn't clump my eyelash, too. 
As you can see, It does add volume to my eyes. It appear thicker and bolder. You can see the mascara made my eyelash longer, too. 

This mascara is waterproof, in fact it's too waterproof so it's hard to remove it. I usually only use cleansing wipes to clean my make up face. But it can't clean this mascara :( I usually clasp it with cleansing wipes for 5-10 seconds to make sure it dissolved.

I recommend this to anyone who wants their eyelash look fuller but still natural!  I bought this mascara along with liquid eyeliner for IDR 279.900 from Kay Collection. If you happen live in Indonesia and want to buy this, do visit their store

Until next post, bye~

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