DAILY LIFE - How I Spend My Weekend

3:48 AM

Last week I completely drown to entertain myself since my Exam already ended haha infact, I just came home from outing with my colleagues at Megamendung. It's so cold out there but most of my friend swam like they won't see another swimming pool outside the Villa haha

I went to JKT48 Theater to watch their first live of Dareka no Tame ni (Demi seseorang - For Someone) Performance.

I'm huge fans of them! I actually ever auditioned before but I already too old for that haha. I watched it twice, first at their shonichi (first day) and Sunday afternoon show.  I want to watch my oshimen (most liked member), Ghaida Farisya. She's the most handsome girl in the group. I easily fall for handsome girl ( • ̀///ω///•́ ) Their performance is not bad for first time but I know they can do it better tho.

On Sunday before the show, I went shopping to Gandaria City with my friend. I actually want to go to Central Park to visit Kay Collection shop. But the place is flooded so we change destination. Luckily Gandaria City also have Kay Collection shop so I splurge myself there.

That's all my damage haha Dollywink spree!! I bought Dollywink eyelashes #05 Real Nude and a limited edition package of Liquid eyeliner and Black mascara #02 Volume one. I was kinda off-track tho. I want to buy lower lash, eyelash glue, pencil eyeliner and a mascara. I actually want to buy Diamond Lash but if I only bought Dollywink eyelash glue it'll be more expensive so I bought eyelash with glue as a bonus. And for the package.. I thought it's pencil eyeliner ; v;)/ I was so stupid for not asking whether it's a pencil or liquid one. I already had Dollywink liquid eyeliner so I might sell my accidental bought one. 

Anyway, Kay is having a big discount. My Dollywink eyelash is discounted 30%, and as for package one if you spend IDR 500.000 for non discounted things you'll get a lucky draw, for another discount! Ranged 20-50%. I got 20% discount for that limited edition package. Please keep in mind my 30% discount and 20% is separated. And I don't know if the lucky draw is applied to another shop location. 

And last thing!
My face is breaking out so bad so I started to use this
Natural homemade mask from Herbeautymask. It really help me reduce my pimple slowly. I still had big red pimple so I'll continue to use this and maybe I can review it later. 

Thank you for reading! 

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