[REVIEW] Dollywink Black Volume Mascara

1:11 AM

Hello all! I'm back with another review. Now I'm going to review about my newest mascara, Dollywink Black Volume Mascara.

I bought this package from Kay Collection last month. I actually want the long one but they don't have it in their store so I picked this one. 
The package is so cute. Black tube with gold letter. The cap is also in gold. It's so girly with flower decoration. I can say the package is so good (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

The wand itself has two longer part than the other. I usually use the longer part for my upper lash and the shorter one for my under lash. It doesn't clump my eyelash, too. 
As you can see, It does add volume to my eyes. It appear thicker and bolder. You can see the mascara made my eyelash longer, too. 

This mascara is waterproof, in fact it's too waterproof so it's hard to remove it. I usually only use cleansing wipes to clean my make up face. But it can't clean this mascara :( I usually clasp it with cleansing wipes for 5-10 seconds to make sure it dissolved.

I recommend this to anyone who wants their eyelash look fuller but still natural!  I bought this mascara along with liquid eyeliner for IDR 279.900 from Kay Collection. If you happen live in Indonesia and want to buy this, do visit their store

Until next post, bye~

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