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Hello all! I haven't made any post because I'm that lazy yes lol

Last week, I joined Olive Des Olive fashion competition in Gelar Jepang UI 2014. Olive des Olive brand ambassador is so cute I can't even ////

Aside from competition, they had fashion show by their ambassador. There are six ambassador, and all of them are so cute! They wear Olive des Olive in several style. Kawaii, girly, tomboy, and boyish if I'm not mistaken (because I still can't differentiate style lol). The fashion show held twice, with different clothes.

(source: link)

And to me!
My number is 1, so I go first T^T it's kinda nervous T^T My friend took a video of me, I'm gonna put here out of my embarrassment

here's some photo of the event

After walking like a model, I had to explain my style. It's basically Navy style. I wear a jumpsuit which had navy-ish button and a sailor seifuku. The competition theme is kawaii summer, summer means beach, and it associated with Navy style.

And you know what.

I won the 2nd place

YEAY \o/ 

The prize is a dress. Olive des Olive posted on their page too. The dress is so cute OMG //// And there's something special about this dress.

Yes it can be worn inside out. This is so cute omg //// And to be honest, I like the grey one rather than checkered part. The checkered part is slightly longer than grey one so it you use grey part it'll look cuter imho. 

And I used it immediately lol. Time for FOTD!

It became long post isn't it lol. Thanks for reading! 


[REVIEW] ELF Studio HD Blush in Headliner and Superstar

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Hello! How are you? How's your day?

I'm back with some review! It's ELF Studio HD Blush. I have two blush, one is headliner, other one is superstar. They said it's the dupe of MUFE HD Blush. I never own MUFE but honestly the words dupe already turns me on. I love cheaper stuff.

Both were come in mini size. Like, a little bigger than you palm. Of course, it's only 15ml. When it comes, I don;t know if it's only me, the pump of my headliner blush it's oily. It looks like the ingredient and the oily part is not perfectly mixed so I have to shake it before use.
By the color, headliner is the soft pink while superstar is for superstar looking, more red and blushing. I personally think headliner is good for fair to medium skin while superstar is too much for fair skin. 

It comes in pump style so you won't worry anything about hygiene. 

Here's I took out the blush. On the upper side is superstar, and under side is headliner. The color is so pigmented. Trust me, you only need this much for two cheek. I'll spread them on the next picture.

See? Actually It's not even for my liking bur my back hand is not big enough even the line is already blurred. Next photo is their separate swatch. 

For staying power, In my oily face it's only appear for 3-4 hour. You can prolong it by using powder blush on the top of blush, I think. I never done that, just some tips I found on the internet. 

On this photo I'm using superstar. I use if first before foundation so it give nice blushing effect on my face. My preference is not too much, like you can't see but it's there. But if you want more color I suggest you to use it after foundation. 

I like this blush on more than I expect. The so-called downside is you have to control the amount or you'll end up wasting it since it's so pigmented. 

So that's it! I'm kinda forget how to review so if something not really clear you can ask me on the comment box. Thank you for reading! 

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