Hello Sasyachi 1 Anniversary Giveaway

6:08 AM

Hello fellas! Did you know Sasya from HELLOSASYACHI?

She's a very cute woman who review and share a lot about make up. Almost of her make up is korean-based makeup, influenced by K-Pop wave. Do look at her newest tutorial here

And now she's holding a giveaway, celebrating her first year of blogging. She already done a lot, I didn't know she just  blogged for a year! For instance she made an appearance on TV, explaining about makeup and doing makeup on air. She's so amazing <3
If you want to read more about her giveaway, click here. Check it please <3

Now enough for advertisement, it's time for me to make an announcement. 

I already made draft for next review. For a little hint, it's a palette! Which one? You have to wait until my next post! XD 

Jya, see you next time :D

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