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[REVIEW] AOI Wig - Kousaka Honoka Wig

7:56 AM

Yo! happy weekend guys! What did you do for this weekend?

Today I'm going to review a wig which I bought to replace my old wig. Not because my last wig is bad but I was kinda wanted to look better and better for my Honoka cosplay since she's my beloved waifu so yeah I'm willing to spend more money for her cosplay.

The wig I talked about is this wig

color concealer

[REVIEW] Makeover Camouflage Cream Concealer

7:30 AM

Yahoooo~! I'm back with some review~ Today I'm going to review one of Indonesian brand called MakeOver. It's the Camouflage cream concealer.

I want this palette for....a year I think? It always out of stock in every place I asked and I became somewhat gave up finding this beauty. But then, I finally found it! I bought it around IDR 125.000 (approx 12USD)  in Matahari dept store Ekalokasari Plaza.

Nice packaging! I love the black plastic case, it looks luxurious (for me) lol. You can see the color from the little clear part. It has five color, light beige, beige, light green, light purple, and brownish orange. You can see the usage for each color on the back side.

Light Beige: Highlight
Beige: Concealing acne scar
Light Green: Hide redness
Light Purple: Brightening effect
Brownish Orange: Giving a brightening effect for dark skin or for blush on base

closer look for the color~

Taraa~ There's a big mirror! It's so handy for applying makeup when traveling. Each pan is 2,5cm in diameter. And they gave a small concealer brush. It's too small for my liking so I often lost it somewhere when doing makeup lol 

The color itself is very bold for it's first stroke. For concealing, a little goes along the way. 

I actually didn't follow the instruction because the light beige one is almost my skin tone. So I mix light beige and beige to conceal my acne scar and beige one to contour my face. But apparently the beige one is too light for my contouring. And to make it worse, they didn't have other shade to choose. 
For me, the most useful color  is green and light beige one. Light beige one is nice for concealing under eye, it brightens my eye nicely. And the green one works nicely to cover my redness. 
It stays well on my face, but I noticed when I wear this my face became a little more oily than the usual. 

+ A complete package
+ Affordable price
+ A little goes along the way
+ Nice coverage

- Easily out of stock
- Small concealer brush. Too pointy for my liking
- Not having multiple shade

Yes for with slight dark complexion.

Thank you for reading :D 

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AOI wig

[COSPLAY] Honoka Kousaka Maid version!

6:26 AM

Yo! I'm back! I'm going to post about my almost finished post about my newest cosplay~

What? not like you've promised to us!
Okay okay. I've been working for my promised review, since a month ago. But I'm so driven by my mood so forgive me for not fulfilling my promise. But I promised, I will!

My newest (almost) completed cosplay is this


I kinda obsessed with her lately, and idk Love Live costume is so cute and fluffy and lovely. I want to cos them all! Honoka is my fav character of all but honestly I love all μ's character (except nico, I have my personal grudge against her lol). 

on to the cosplay! 

In this picture I wrongly put the ribbon. I should put it in front of the hairband lol. I use a brand new wig, different than I ever reviewed. It's from AOI, and kinda expensive from all other wig I've ever bought ^^; 

I didn't sew the costume, I also bought it from taobao. Quick review, the fabric is not really smooth and kinda see-trough. But you won't notice it from picture, so I guess it's ok. It has nice decent detail for a cheap costume. I already got more that I paid, so I'm satisfied (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

All left for this cosplay is a nice black wedges sandal and a pair of laced socks. I still struggling to find nice lace for my socks tho... 

Enough chit chat! Time for spam picture! 

selfie is a must

My friend took this photo when someone asked me to pose. I have a serious problem for posing. I still can't pose and portray the character correctly T^T

chubby cheek! 

Aaaaanyway to make this picspam a little more important, I use different eye makeup when costesting and going to event. Which is better for cosplaying honoka? 

Kinda full makeup, a little more blush, and complete package of eyelash (upper and lower lol) 

Just eyeliner and eyeshadow to sculpt my eye. I didn't use any eyelash because I didn't bring any (shame on me!) so I changed the eye makeup immediately T^T 

Any input for my cosplay (and makeup) is highly appreciated! 

I guess that's it! Thank you for reading~ 


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