Japan Beauty Week + Canmake Lucky Bag

6:16 AM

Hello, how's your weekend guys?

Last Friday I went to Japan Beauty Week. It's a exhibition of Japanese cosmetics and skincare. The exhibition is not big, Only 7 stand appear there. They're Menard, Hadalabo, Kawaii Japan, Astalift, Kracie, and Kanebo.

When I arrived, Astalift already has presentation onstage so I rushed to sit and forget to take whole place, sorry :(
They're having presentation about their product, mainly skincare. They're explaining their main ingredients for their skincare, where they came from, and how it's work.
And they test the product on one of attendants. She applied it only on half face, and I swear I see that part is glowing~ 
The steps are: Cleansing - Foaming - Jelly Aquarista - Toner/Lotion - Essence Destiny - Emulsion. Jelly Aquarista and Essence Destiny is their best selling product. You can say it's their secret weapon haha. Jelly Aquarista acts as "primer", base for every treatment for your skincare routine. And Essence Destiny is their serum.  

In the end of presentation, we're allowed to see their stand and got skin check. As expected, my skin is so dry T_T Actually I'm combination, with oily on T-Zone. Their staff test on my cheek. Of course it's dry haha My score is 68 as it's suppose to be 90-ish. I have to take care of my skin better! 
And lastly, I got goodie bag! 

I got Cleansing foam, a 20% discount voucher, and their brochure. Luckily, it's a full size cleansing foam! and my friend didn't want her goodie bag so I got two! \(^w^)/ 

I want to buy Astalift Jelly Aquarista with my voucher. I feel I browsed for price and... 
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I can't afford it tho, even if I combine my two voucher ;_; But I saw trial kit, I might bought that and one full size thing I haven't decided >_< 

Other thing, I got sample from Kracie booth :D 
It's sample of their shampoo and conditioner. And I do their questionnaire so I got one sachet of their acne mask. 

I have't tried anything from Japan Beauty Week tho. I'll use them later~ 

And anyway, my package arrived! I ordered lucky bag from Canmake!
Did you know in every end of year, Japanese product will sell lucky bag? It's a bag, with stuff inside which is random and we can't choose. If you calculate, it's cheaper than buy separately. But it's random, you can't choose. It's your choice~
Usually, all girls queue and after they bought the lucky bag, they open it and trade their unwanted item with other people. That's why I didn't want to buy clothes since on most product we even can't choose size (there are some brand that allowed us to choose size actually) so I choose safer product which is makeup haha
Here's inside my lucky bag~

I got four item, Maxi Volume Rouge Lipstick #02 Pink Berry, Four Shiny Eyes #03 Milk Chocolate, Nuance Eyebrow Pencil #05 Light Brown and Mascara Remover. I can't find the lipstick on their website so I assumed it's already discontinued. 
I'm curious about mascara remover. I never heard any mascara remover so yeah.... Excited! XD
I got my Lucky bag from Miaw Lens. If you happen in need of Japanese product do contact her, Maybe she can help :) 

That's all folks! See you on next post! 

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  1. aaa enak bgt dpt astalift 2 full sizenyaa hahah :D
    lucky bag nya lucuuu ak pernah liat yg lis liza tapi mahal >_<

    1. yes! Bisa buat berbulan2 haha
      Liz Lisa emang mahal, tapi kalo beli satuan jatohnya lebih murah (tetep mahal lol) makanya nabung dari awal tahun aja XD


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