[REVIEW] Ayase Eli Wig - Don't Sleep Wig

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Good days people! I finally got time to update my blog /o/

I will be review my next wig, it's Ayase Eli from Don't sleep wig. It's a shop from taobao, so if you want to buy it you need a third party agent (or you relatives within Mainland China, cmiiw).

This is the stock photo from the website

And this is what came into my mail

The color is slightly off, isn't it? The stock photo looks like yellow gold but what I got is blonde-ish. I really like the yellow gold color on stock photo, I feel a little betrayed lol.
When it came, the bangs is not styled so you need to style it yourself.

The clip on is nicely build, it attach easily and strong on the wig.
For me, the base wig is not really thick on the top of wig, at some point it show the net under the wig. But not noticeable, so I don't complain much. It was fluffier than the clip so it feels odd without styling. After I style it (the long part tucked behind my ear and do some work so it fit my head) it become perfect!
The clip on is shorter than I expected. Eli has high ponytail to her nape, but the clip only reached my lower neck. It depends on your head tho.
At first, the wig fall out a little bit too much. But after I style the bang, it doesn't fall out anymore. Well, one to five strands while wearing la hahaha
And last, did I mention the wig is so soft? it's really soft, like soooooooofffftttttt. I love hand combing it hahaha and it never get tangled. Well it's a short wig afterall.

Do I look good wearing this wig? lol I don't have a lot confidence cosplaing as Eli tho, since I prefer cheery genki character as Honoka. I already done a photoshoot for her, just wait for the result from the photog~! 

+ Strong clip on
+ Fluffy wig
+ Soooooooooooffffffttt
+ Not tangled

- The color is off
- Sometimes the net on the top of wig is shown
- Short clip on (for me, once again it's will be different in each head) 
- first time combing, it falls too much. But only for a while tho. 


I got this wig from 
(Ship within Indonesia only, sorry) 

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