5:49 AM

Yeay! Finally I passed my last exam. It means my last semester in College already passed. What I'll do next is making proposal for research and make essay about my research. It's still long time to graduate tho, Wish me luck!

I want to review new product but my face is not in prime condition. I got big pimple on my cheek :(( There are THREE pimple, two on right and one on left. I've been itching to get rid of it, I tried everything including using lemon water as toner. It hurts like hell.. Still not showing any progress tho :( Wish me luck geeting rid of my pimple.

Anyway, here's upcoming product I'm going to review:

One Shu Uemura product and Three Fairydrops product. I always obsessed with Japanese Cosmetic haha Wait for my review, kay! 

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