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[REVIEW] Exoticon X2 no.9 - Chocolate

3:45 AM

Hello guys! I'm in the mood for blogging, I think because I want to escape from reality, ha! but anyway just enjoy my post lol

I'm going to review contact lens, which from X2 manufacturer... I can't find their official website tho. If you happen to find, do comment below, kay!
The lens called No.9, in Chocolate. Basically I want a normal contact lens, I can use it without too much attention. So I bought this

I got this from where I bought them. They use it and made the chart themself. How kind they are. Actually tropic one caught my attention, maybe I'll buy it later haha

The package is so simple. One box and two blister each containing one lens. I forget to capture it but there's instruction printed inside. So if you want to read it you have to cut the box, making it unusable again. 

The box seal containing information. Yes, I got 8.00, no wonder it's hard for me to find suitable lens T.T The lens only had 14.5mm diameter. 

Closeup photo of the blister and when I put it inside the case. The color is so pretty, more to hazel I think.

Here's my derp face using it. It doesn't have any enlargement feature, but it really define my eyes thanks to the ring. It looks pretty tbh, and doesn't attract too much attention. 

I can use it up to 4-5 hour. But I have some problem here. The lens can't seems to stay on the center of my eyes. I accidentally asleep for a while when going somewhere, and the lens moves to the under of my upper lid when I open my eyes :( It's pretty scary, really. But after a few hour the lens stay put in the center. Weird but true. I don't know if I got a defect product or what...

But the lens itself is good, and cheap too. I recommend you to buy this lens for everyday use. 

I got this lens from here. They sell a vast range of contact lens, I can say. Fast delivery and response! Make sure you contact them in their working hour for full experience hoho~ 

Let me post my selfie here lol 

Yes I'm using the lens. Cute, right? haha

Thanks for reading! Until next time! 


[REVIEW] Lucaille cosplay wig - Mayushi Wig

12:11 AM

Hello! Good day people! Today I'm going to review one of my wig from Lucaille shop at taobao.

Lucaille is pretty known in my country as a shop from taobao which has vast selection of wig. Like, seriously! They had some non-mainstream wig like this wig. And Lucaille is known for the first one adding wig from latest anime. As per this post released, there are some of character from Fall 2014 season, just two episode airing ad they already got the wig. Lucaille is the hero!

Lucaille's taobao link can be found here. BUT! They had English site too, which can be found here. The price is almost the same, but I never bought from their English site. It's more convenient for me to buy from taobao site.

The wig I got is for a character named Shimada Mayu from Wake Up, Girls! anime. Did you guys ever watching it?

The photo stock is fine. I love the color. But when it came, It turns out the wig is WAAAY too lighter. 

I don't know if it because lighting or anything but I hate the color :( Today, I already recolor it until I got the color I want. 

Here's the current condition of wig
The style is perfectly fine for me. I don't have to restyle it again. Even the bangs is perfect for me. Yay! 

Lucaille wig had this tag behind the wig, to ensure that you got Lucaille wig. So if you buy secondhand wig and claimed it's lucaille, make sure you checked this first! 

The wig is kinda reflective but I think it won't be a big problem for outside shoot/con. It won't really seen unless you do flashed it directly in short distance. 

I have to state not all Lucaille is this reflective. I used to own Kousaka Honoka wig and it's not reflective at all. So I guess it depends on the wig itself. 

The wig has perfect thickness for me. And the net is not really easy to get seen. 
You can see the fiber has purple stands, idk why. It doesn't really show on photo but irl they stands out :( Well I can tolerate it tho, because it blends in photo lol 

One of the downside of this is there's so much falls out. What I mean is even if you comb it with hands, there is still fiber loss. It's not much, maybe just one or two, but still worrying me. If you comb it with comb, it took more fiber gaaah :( Thankfully it doesn't tangle much, so I can hand-comb it everytime I wear it. 

So! My verdict for this wig

Color: 1/5
Thickness: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Shininess: 3/5 

I got this wig from my own online shop (hohho~) 

Cosplay Wig Specialist \o/
(Ship within Indonesia only sorry)

Okay then! Thank you for reading~ have a nice day! 

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