[FOTD] Flirty Make up look!

12:22 AM

Hi guys! Back to my new blog post. Today I want to share a FOTD needed for a giveaway hosted by XiaoVee.

  This post was made as a requirement to enter this one
Benefit set! Who doesn't want it haha Besides I want that sugar pot waxing because I'm curious, can it wax my overwhelming body hair. So already enough reason to join!

To join, I have to make a flirty makeup. First I don't really think I can pull it but if you never try, you never know! so here there are!

 Tadaaa! Do you think I got the flirty makeup? no? How about we add some flirty pose too

Haha Too much picture? = A= I actually enjoy taking picture because it's my first time I feel satisfied with look I made haha So sorry for spamming = w=)/

It might be a late announcement but if you want to join too there's still time! Giveaway close at 30 March 2014. For further information go to the original post HERE

Do you think I archive Flirty Makeup Challenge? Do comment below! 


[REVIEW] Sariayu Eyeshadow Borneo Series

9:10 AM

Hello! We meet again! I kinda surprised when I open my blog statistic, already 1100 Page views! Thank you for you all who open and read my post in this blog, it means a lot for me!

Now I'm going to review Sariayu Eyeshadow in their newest line, Tren Borneo 2014.
Their newest line has three set of eyeshadow. But I only buy two of them, B-01 and B-02. The reason I didn't bought B-03 because the colour is neutral one. I already got too many neutral color eyeshadow.
Look at the packaging! Nice design! It match the theme tho, Borneo. But I don't know what species is that bird haha.

B-01 consist of three color, Light green, orange, and dark plum. Each shade has a pattern, I love that pattern. I think it's Kantung Semar, plant that eat insect. The package itself has an eyeshadow brush. I don't mind using it, but it's kinda hard on my lid. They also had small mirror inside so you can peek to your eye :D
 The color itself has good pigmentation. You don't really need base so pop the color but you need it to make it stay on your lid, especially if your eyelid is oily. It stay about 5 hour on my lid with base.

Next is B-02. I love this color! it has soft pink, electric blue and Neon Yellow. I rarely see this combination color, esp neon yellow O(≧▽≦)O It's nice to found it on local product

Like B-01, it has good pigmentation. With base, it stay about 5 hour on my lid.

Both eyeshadow is such a good deal. I bought it about IDR 52.000 each (approx USD$ 5). I might considering to buy B-03 since the packaging is tempting and good pigmentation * w*)/ Downside of this product is it so powdery so you ha to be careful when blending.


  • Nice packaging design
  • Good pigmentation
  • Cheap
  • Powdery
So in the end it got 4/5 point from me! I might won't repurchase it because I don't think I will finish it haha 

I actually want to try mousse foundation from this line too! I ever tried it at counter and it nicely blend on my hand. I might bought it later! ヽ(^・ω・^=)~

Thanks for reading this long post! Thank you (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

daily life

Latest Photoshoot at National Gallery

6:44 PM

About two week ago, I went to National Gallery close from Gambir Station. I was invited by my friend to do a photoshoot there :D Thanks for Mako for inviting me! haha

Actually there's an event held by Japan Foundation titled Kingdom of Character. It's an exhibition for their animation history and character from their famous work. If you want to visit, do visit! The event still held until 23 March! more info is here

Me and my friend Mako walk circling the venue to find nice spot for photo haha I did use my costume, but it wasn't the original character from the costume haha it still lack of detail so just think it's for lolita fashion :p

Here's some photo from the photosession

Other photo can be seen on Mako's Flickr

I personally I become fatter in this photo ._. IDK because I wear black costume? Ot because red lining that makes me a lot fatter? ._. 

What do you think? >_< do drop a comment! 


IBB February MUC - Natural Glow

5:36 AM

Hello guys! I'm back!

Today I decided to enter IBB Make Up Challenge!

This month challenge is Natural Glow sponsored by Menard. For me, natural glow is somewhat hard to archive because I have to had a healthy face first. IRL, my face is really bad. I had acne scars everywhere and it's so hard to reduce it :( That's why I decided to join this make up challenge!

For the product I use:

Canmake Dolly Mat Base
Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream
Fairy Drops Loose Powder
Shu Uemura lip and cheek fun-tasy in Fuchsia
Canmake Nuance Eyebrow #05
Dollywink Mascara - Volume
Silkygirl Blockbuster eyeshadow color palette #01 Bare Classics
Silkygirl Blush Hour #01 Nectar Blush
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan

What do you think guys? Did I archive it? ( • ̀///ω///•́ ) I personally think I didn't nail my brow T_T It's still messy. I need to exercise more!
Did you notice I didn't use many eye makeup? It's just eyeshadow and mascara. I'm aiming for natural face so I only accentuate my eyes. A little story here, I was really tempted to use eyeliner. But idk my eyeliner is missing when I do my make up. I tried to search it but failed so I went on. I already found it tho, it's on my bag from my last hang out haha

Thank you for reading! here's last selca. Flat kawaii face


Yesterday I tried the same look for this challenge too. But since my camera is gone T_T I only inserted picture from my phonecam 

The difference between this look and previous one is I use eyeliner and using nude lipstick! I use dollywink eyeliner and Wet n Wild Lipstick #902C Bare It All with Sariayu clear lipgloss. The result is plumpier lips with framed eye! haha


March haul

10:36 PM

Hello! I'm back with another blog post. As I told you before, I made my proposal and already accepted. It's so tiring and I did some shopping online for my entertainment lol 

I got three package from different online shop. It's NYX, Astalift, and Sariayu. Let's take a closer look

First, NYX haul. I already ordered this from Cherry Culture with help from preorderbymimo from February I think. I got Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Black Bean. The other thing is Soft matte Lip Cream in Milan and Antwerp. I choose the safest color since I just want to try it. If I love them, I'll buy more haha in fact I already order next SMLC :p 

I bought NYX from Preorderbymimo, they sell US makeup in reasonable price so you can contact her :D of if you happen to have Femaledaily forum account you can visit her thread in Beauty Warehouse 

Why did you buy this? Because the package design! It's so damn cute and artistic. I decided to collect it for my satisfaction haha I bought this first since I'm sucker for color too. FYI 2014 collection has three kind of trio eyeshadow, the other one is brown for everyday use. since I already have that kind color I'm going for this trio first. 

I bought this trio eyeshadow from Jopankar Kosmetik. The had store at Bandung, but they accept online order too.  

I bought this trial kit since I already used Astalift Moisture Foam from Kawaii Beauty Japan event and I love it. And I curious about their full line so I bought this. But actually if I love this line I can't afford full size T_T 

I bought this from Lazada online service. They sell other things from Astalift, they had all the full size from this trial kit. 

I don't think every shop I mentioned can ship worldwide but if you can ask them directly.  

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 


[REVIEW] Shu Uemura lip and cheek fun-tasy

7:37 AM

Hello guys! I'm back with new review! Been busy with proposal but it finally accepted by my Lecturer! Now I can sit and write properly haha

Now I'm going to review Shu Uemura lip and cheek fun-tasy in Fuchsia. I got this blush from a quiz. Super Happy because I long for this! It's part of Shu Uemura limited edition. I'm just a poor student with no money so I just stare at the collection everyday but I got one of the collection! haha

The packaging is so cute! Specially illustrated by Takashi Murakami.

It comes with a tube. It has 15gr product inside. It has different illustration from the box. The heart between 6 and princess colored with product shade. I got Fuchsia shade!

The tip is small hole located on the top of tube. For me it's so hygienic and you can control amount of usage. But careful not to overdo it, you cant place back leftover product. 

The colour is so cute! It's kinda too much before blended tho. I always applied it in a thin layer before powder so it'll look like nice natural blush on my face. 

It stayed long on my oily face tho! It stayed for 6-7 hour on my oily face. It did diminishing time over time but still noticeable. But as lip tint I don't really recommend it because it dry your lips :( 

I won't buy it again tho, since it's limited edition :)) 

So, did you ever tried this? Do share your experience! 

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