[REVIEW] Shu Uemura lip and cheek fun-tasy

7:37 AM

Hello guys! I'm back with new review! Been busy with proposal but it finally accepted by my Lecturer! Now I can sit and write properly haha

Now I'm going to review Shu Uemura lip and cheek fun-tasy in Fuchsia. I got this blush from a quiz. Super Happy because I long for this! It's part of Shu Uemura limited edition. I'm just a poor student with no money so I just stare at the collection everyday but I got one of the collection! haha

The packaging is so cute! Specially illustrated by Takashi Murakami.

It comes with a tube. It has 15gr product inside. It has different illustration from the box. The heart between 6 and princess colored with product shade. I got Fuchsia shade!

The tip is small hole located on the top of tube. For me it's so hygienic and you can control amount of usage. But careful not to overdo it, you cant place back leftover product. 

The colour is so cute! It's kinda too much before blended tho. I always applied it in a thin layer before powder so it'll look like nice natural blush on my face. 

It stayed long on my oily face tho! It stayed for 6-7 hour on my oily face. It did diminishing time over time but still noticeable. But as lip tint I don't really recommend it because it dry your lips :( 

I won't buy it again tho, since it's limited edition :)) 

So, did you ever tried this? Do share your experience! 

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  1. cantik warnanyaaa, asik bisa dapet :3

    1. iya cantiik tapi harus tipis2 baru bagus, kalo ketebelan jadi norak >_<

  2. warnanya cantikk yaaa..
    tp kyknya cuma cocok sama yg cool undertone >_<

    don't forget to join my giveaway ^_^

  3. aww, ingin juga! btw, ikutan quiz apa yg ngasih hadiah kaya gini ya? ingin nyobain ikut juga :D

    1. Waktu itu ikut beauty class yg di sponsori Shu Uemura :) Banyak kok giveaway di internet, good luck!


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