Latest Photoshoot at National Gallery

6:44 PM

About two week ago, I went to National Gallery close from Gambir Station. I was invited by my friend to do a photoshoot there :D Thanks for Mako for inviting me! haha

Actually there's an event held by Japan Foundation titled Kingdom of Character. It's an exhibition for their animation history and character from their famous work. If you want to visit, do visit! The event still held until 23 March! more info is here

Me and my friend Mako walk circling the venue to find nice spot for photo haha I did use my costume, but it wasn't the original character from the costume haha it still lack of detail so just think it's for lolita fashion :p

Here's some photo from the photosession

Other photo can be seen on Mako's Flickr

I personally I become fatter in this photo ._. IDK because I wear black costume? Ot because red lining that makes me a lot fatter? ._. 

What do you think? >_< do drop a comment! 

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