March haul

10:36 PM

Hello! I'm back with another blog post. As I told you before, I made my proposal and already accepted. It's so tiring and I did some shopping online for my entertainment lol 

I got three package from different online shop. It's NYX, Astalift, and Sariayu. Let's take a closer look

First, NYX haul. I already ordered this from Cherry Culture with help from preorderbymimo from February I think. I got Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Black Bean. The other thing is Soft matte Lip Cream in Milan and Antwerp. I choose the safest color since I just want to try it. If I love them, I'll buy more haha in fact I already order next SMLC :p 

I bought NYX from Preorderbymimo, they sell US makeup in reasonable price so you can contact her :D of if you happen to have Femaledaily forum account you can visit her thread in Beauty Warehouse 

Why did you buy this? Because the package design! It's so damn cute and artistic. I decided to collect it for my satisfaction haha I bought this first since I'm sucker for color too. FYI 2014 collection has three kind of trio eyeshadow, the other one is brown for everyday use. since I already have that kind color I'm going for this trio first. 

I bought this trio eyeshadow from Jopankar Kosmetik. The had store at Bandung, but they accept online order too.  

I bought this trial kit since I already used Astalift Moisture Foam from Kawaii Beauty Japan event and I love it. And I curious about their full line so I bought this. But actually if I love this line I can't afford full size T_T 

I bought this from Lazada online service. They sell other things from Astalift, they had all the full size from this trial kit. 

I don't think every shop I mentioned can ship worldwide but if you can ask them directly.  

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! 

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