[FOTD] Flirty Make up look!

12:22 AM

Hi guys! Back to my new blog post. Today I want to share a FOTD needed for a giveaway hosted by XiaoVee.

  This post was made as a requirement to enter this one
Benefit set! Who doesn't want it haha Besides I want that sugar pot waxing because I'm curious, can it wax my overwhelming body hair. So already enough reason to join!

To join, I have to make a flirty makeup. First I don't really think I can pull it but if you never try, you never know! so here there are!

 Tadaaa! Do you think I got the flirty makeup? no? How about we add some flirty pose too

Haha Too much picture? = A= I actually enjoy taking picture because it's my first time I feel satisfied with look I made haha So sorry for spamming = w=)/

It might be a late announcement but if you want to join too there's still time! Giveaway close at 30 March 2014. For further information go to the original post HERE

Do you think I archive Flirty Makeup Challenge? Do comment below! 

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