[REVIEW] Sariayu Eyeshadow Borneo Series

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Hello! We meet again! I kinda surprised when I open my blog statistic, already 1100 Page views! Thank you for you all who open and read my post in this blog, it means a lot for me!

Now I'm going to review Sariayu Eyeshadow in their newest line, Tren Borneo 2014.
Their newest line has three set of eyeshadow. But I only buy two of them, B-01 and B-02. The reason I didn't bought B-03 because the colour is neutral one. I already got too many neutral color eyeshadow.
Look at the packaging! Nice design! It match the theme tho, Borneo. But I don't know what species is that bird haha.

B-01 consist of three color, Light green, orange, and dark plum. Each shade has a pattern, I love that pattern. I think it's Kantung Semar, plant that eat insect. The package itself has an eyeshadow brush. I don't mind using it, but it's kinda hard on my lid. They also had small mirror inside so you can peek to your eye :D
 The color itself has good pigmentation. You don't really need base so pop the color but you need it to make it stay on your lid, especially if your eyelid is oily. It stay about 5 hour on my lid with base.

Next is B-02. I love this color! it has soft pink, electric blue and Neon Yellow. I rarely see this combination color, esp neon yellow O(≧▽≦)O It's nice to found it on local product

Like B-01, it has good pigmentation. With base, it stay about 5 hour on my lid.

Both eyeshadow is such a good deal. I bought it about IDR 52.000 each (approx USD$ 5). I might considering to buy B-03 since the packaging is tempting and good pigmentation * w*)/ Downside of this product is it so powdery so you ha to be careful when blending.


  • Nice packaging design
  • Good pigmentation
  • Cheap
  • Powdery
So in the end it got 4/5 point from me! I might won't repurchase it because I don't think I will finish it haha 

I actually want to try mousse foundation from this line too! I ever tried it at counter and it nicely blend on my hand. I might bought it later! ヽ(^・ω・^=)~

Thanks for reading this long post! Thank you (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

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  1. whoa ga pake base sama pake base warnanya sama2 keluar yah! mantep banget O_O
    aku mau coba beli ahh :D


    1. yup! bagus banget! nggak rugi belinya hehe

    2. Coba beli pasti gak dipake. HAHAHA.. Tapi iya loh ini warnanya baguusss bangettt.. pengen yang B-02 tapi gak kepake pasti X(



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