[REVIEW] Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation

5:25 AM

Hello guys! I'm back with review again. Now I'm going to reaview my recent buy Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation.

Yesterday when I went to mall, I really just intended to walk through Revlon counter but when I saw buy one get one sign I couldn't resist. Unfortunately, it only applied to same product so I bought two foundation.

For the ingredients side, it's a peel of sticker. I personally didn't understand about what to avoid in make up ingredients I put it here for your consideration. 

I bought 050 Medium Beige and 020 Shell.  There is only two shade available at the counter at that moment, idk if there's another shade available in Indonesia. My skintone match Medium Beige almost perfectly.
To take it out you have to shake it first then press the cap. It'll came out so bubbly, making it a little bit hard to control the amount. I suggest you to take out little by little to avoid leftover (if you as stingy as myself lol) 

Swatch! My Hand is actually brighter than my face pardon me :( I intended to put Shell as my highlighter because it's a lot more brighter than medium Beige one. The foundation actually has shimmer. You won't notice it on the swatch, blended or not. I noticed it after I clean my hand and it leave sparkling shimmer on my hand. I guess it's for photography purpose. It's not too much and it wont make your face as sparkly as Edward Cullen but it'll reflect more light. You'll see on my face.

 Indoor light
Outdoor light
Did you notice? It looks so different from indoor to outdoor light. This foundation has matte finishing but it reflect light so it'll look so glows. I personally like it. On my face, I use Medium Beige first on all over my face, and I add Shell to T-zone and upper check. 

I use it all day and it stays all day. But on my oily face, it takes three hour to make my face looks too much glow aka I already need touch up to reduce the shine. 

The downside of this product is, it smell bad. I don't know what kind of smell but it smell bad. The smell is still there even after it applied. After putting on powder the smell reduced but sometimes I can smell it. I wish the smell get away :( 

Quick news! 

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Thank you for reading my review! 

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  1. revlon emang bagus ya nak produknya :D
    dulu mami juga sempet punya yg ini XD~


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