Ennichisai 2014

8:55 PM

Hello guys! I'm back with more post huhu I'm so busy with final task, still long way to go but I have to keep fighting!!

Last month, 24-25 Mau 2014, I attend Ennichisai! It's annual Japanese Festival in my city. The venue is so big actually, but since there's a lot of people coming it's already hard to walk :( I met a lot of people there, and eat many food x)) I feel so happy!

They had this mikoshi (isn't it? I forgot) and carry it around the venue. They scream yossha! yossha!! to give encouragement and spirit to carry it around the venue. Jakarta is so hot at that time so I'm amazed they didn't get dehydrated or something when carrying it.

Selfie time!

They got a lot of food stalls too! I didn't capture a lot of picture of food because I forgot >_< It's so oiishi (tr: delicious) so I eat them immediately! lol I ate curry and kakiigori. Actually I ate two kakiigori in a day since it's so hot outside >_< 

Selfie time! 
With Rakuten standee 

It's Lawson mascot! 
I met my friend! lol no me 

I cosplayed at second day. As Shimada mayu from Wake Up Girls. 

And more selca with friend! Happy!

Thank you for reading! have a nice day!

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