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8:54 PM

Hello people! Welcome to another review of mine. Now I'm going to review about my Umaru wig, which I got for cathy wig at taobao.

This is the wig from the item site

and this is what I got

Umaru has peachy blonde hair, and I thought the stock photo is really to peach, peach-blonde. What I got is blonde-peach. Believe me, there's this peachy shade on the wig, but I can't really capture it. Yes, what I got is a little bit miss from what I see from stock photo, but I like the color so I don't really mind.  
The wig has 100cm in length, it's SO LONG please help me because I'm only 158cm and I never had hair this long lol IDK if it's really 100cm long I never measure it tho. 

The wig is pretty thick. And since it's long, I kinda feel heavy on my head. I might not used to it since this is my first time using such long wig. 

This wig will be perfect if it's not FALLS SO MUCH urgh I hate it. The strands falls out easily, after I combed it, I will have a hairball of fallen wig strand. Yes, the wig is thick so it won't be a problem but I feel pissed off when I try to hand combed it and voila 4 long fallen strands come out. urgh. 
When you wear at event, it does tangled easily. I recommend you to but some hairspray to make it a little bit tame when wearing outside.  

This is me wearing the wig, I only styled the bangs (which failed miserably, please don't mind it lol). They only didn't style the bang, which I like because sometime pre-styled bang sometimes feels slightly longer and hate adjusting it hahaha.

+ Nice color
+ Cheap for long wig 
+ Half styled

- Falls out easily
- Easy to get tangled
- Different color from stock photo


I got this wig from 
(Sorry, Indonesian ship only) 

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