[REVIEW] Dollywink Eyeliner in Black and Dark Brown

6:02 PM

Hola hi hi!

Welcome to another post about my review. This time I'm going to review about my Holy Grail eyeliner.


It should be in the middle with bold and big font because I AM SO IN LOVE with those. This is my third repurchase and believe me or not, I never bought the same packaging. I always throw away my old used makeup so I don't have the old one but let me googled it for you

This is my first purchase

This is the second one. They changed a lot from packaging to product design

And this is my third purchase! The one (or two) stuff I'm going to review

Usually I only bought black one. But when I ask my friend to buy it directly from japan, she said she can't find the black one and she run out time so she bought the dark brown one. The other black one is when I ask another friend of mine to buy it. Yes I'm going that far just to buy this baby. 

Basically the product is almost the same. The black one is pink with black cap, and the dark brown is violet with dark brown cap (you might can't see that). I wonder why they use gold for product decoration for the black one, just like the dark brown one use dark brown for product decoration? I wonder why. But you can already tell from the packaging which is which right? 

The reason why I love this eyeliner is their brush is so sharp so I can easily make thin eyeliner. And the sharpness won't change a bit even you use it for years until it runs out. Sweet! 

The color looks so different, isn't it? When you make thin line, the color goes out so smooth. But then I made that big area by using all part of brush instead just the tip, it's not spreading well. So I suggest you to use it with little, short stroke. 

(without flash) 

Can you see the difference? I think the dark brown one will look so bright from the swatch but when I wear it it looks so natural. 

(after 7 hour with flash) 

I wear it for 7 hour and it doesn't budge a bit. Not even fading. Now did you understand why I love this eyeliner so bad? 

I love this eyeliner to the death, I might won't change my HG eyeliner for a while. But it doesn't mean I'll stop buying new eyeliner hahaha

Thank you for reading! 

ps. Extra selfie
(the cat won't stay still to take a picture with me. Why you :( ) 

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  2. I think there's not much difference between the black one and the dark brown one~ anw, have you tried clio?

    Join my giveaway! ♡

    1. Yes! But using the brown one gives you more natural feeling rather than strong black one :D No, I never tried Clio before. Have you?


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