[COSPLAY] Honoka Kousaka Maid version!

6:26 AM

Yo! I'm back! I'm going to post about my almost finished post about my newest cosplay~

What? not like you've promised to us!
Okay okay. I've been working for my promised review, since a month ago. But I'm so driven by my mood so forgive me for not fulfilling my promise. But I promised, I will!

My newest (almost) completed cosplay is this


I kinda obsessed with her lately, and idk Love Live costume is so cute and fluffy and lovely. I want to cos them all! Honoka is my fav character of all but honestly I love all μ's character (except nico, I have my personal grudge against her lol). 

on to the cosplay! 

In this picture I wrongly put the ribbon. I should put it in front of the hairband lol. I use a brand new wig, different than I ever reviewed. It's from AOI, and kinda expensive from all other wig I've ever bought ^^; 

I didn't sew the costume, I also bought it from taobao. Quick review, the fabric is not really smooth and kinda see-trough. But you won't notice it from picture, so I guess it's ok. It has nice decent detail for a cheap costume. I already got more that I paid, so I'm satisfied (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

All left for this cosplay is a nice black wedges sandal and a pair of laced socks. I still struggling to find nice lace for my socks tho... 

Enough chit chat! Time for spam picture! 

selfie is a must

My friend took this photo when someone asked me to pose. I have a serious problem for posing. I still can't pose and portray the character correctly T^T

chubby cheek! 

Aaaaanyway to make this picspam a little more important, I use different eye makeup when costesting and going to event. Which is better for cosplaying honoka? 

Kinda full makeup, a little more blush, and complete package of eyelash (upper and lower lol) 

Just eyeliner and eyeshadow to sculpt my eye. I didn't use any eyelash because I didn't bring any (shame on me!) so I changed the eye makeup immediately T^T 

Any input for my cosplay (and makeup) is highly appreciated! 

I guess that's it! Thank you for reading~ 


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