Quick update of my life

6:14 PM

Hello! It's been a long time since my last post, isn't it? Not because I'm busy. It's just I'm lazy :(

But yeah I actually has to do my final assignment for my bachelor degree and STILL not complete it. I have some procrastination issue here ; v;)/ But I'm working on it, slowly but sure. I'm hoping I can finish it this academic period so I don't have to pay for another period. Pray with me T^T

And anyway

I tried to tweak my blog, several time, but I don't understand html or css  at all. All I can do is changing background because blogspot has dedicated option for that lol. It has issue tho, the background picture color turning greyish :( Argh is so hard to tweak it :'(

But I will try my best!

Anyway, I already got some draft post for future review and my boring daily life. I got one local Indonesian product and two for well known product worldwide. Stay tune for more update!

Thanks for reading! 

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