[REVIEW] Ghostcos cosplay wig - Honoka wig

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Good day people! How's your day?

Today I'm going to review a wig, from ghostcos. Have you heard about it? For a cosplayer, I think it's a common brand. Ghostcos is a brand from Taobao shopping website. If you wish to browse for yourself, here's the link.

This is the wig I bought

Honoka Kousaka wig! 
I'm into LoveLive in recent time so I want to cos as this cute leader <3 This is the wig when come

I already cut the clip on at that point. Because logically, side tail must be shorter than real hair right? LOL. As you can see, the color is a little bit miss. The color stock is more orange, what I got is more to brown. Maybe the stock photo is too edited. 
The style is okay, Got exactly same like stock photo. Nice styling actually, pretty much look like Honoka except the side tail haha

I must say.. the fiber for this wig is so reflective, making this wig so shiny for my tolerance. It looks cheap and fake :( In the first photo, I took it with torch setting. I don't know about sunshine lighting to the wig because I never wear it to any event for now. 

The wig itself it's pretty thick. I don't have to worry if my movement makes the lace inside seen. I can make side tail and it's pretty solid. 

This wig doesn't tangle at all, I can dance and jump all day with no worry. Err okay maybe you have to comb it if you lay on grass for photoshoot haha 

SO! My verdict for this wig! 
Color: 3/5
Thickness: 5/5
Style: 5/5
Shininess: 1/5 

This is my very subjective opinion. This review doesn't mean same for every pre-styled wig from Ghostcos. 

I got this wig from

Cosplay Wig Specialist \o/
(Ship within Indonesia only sorry)

Contact them for more information

Thank you for reading! Have a nice day everyone! 

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