[MAKEUP CHALLENGE] Makeup under IDR 200.000 looks!

8:15 AM

Yo guys! it's been a long time since my last blogpost hahaha I've been so lazy to edit the picture and such. But now I'm back with another post!

I usually go streaming at Zeemi.tv. My last streaming is me doing a makeup looks using makeup with total price less than IDR 200.000! It's so cheap, but I managed to do it! let's take a look on makeup I use

Mostly consist of Indonesian product, I managed to buy it all less than IDR 200.000!!

Here's what I created

It feels like a different person lol My skin tone actually didn't look that dark. It's just the lighting ok. I can't adjust it because it's not mine. So yeah :") 

Let's break down the price! 
  • Pelembab Jeruk Sariayu Martha Tilaar
    IDR 9.000 (USD 0,7) 
  • Pixy Bright Fix BB Cream (I use shade Ochre, I got two shade that's why I put two in the picture)
    IDR 35.000 (USD 2,7) 
  • Marcks Beauty Powder (loose powder) in Cream.
    IDR 13.000 (USD 1) 
  • Viva Queen Eyeshadow in A
    IDR 23.000 (USD 1,75) 

  • Eyeliner Pencil Pixy in Black
    IDR 20.000 (USD 1,5) 
  • Eyebrow Pencil Sariayu in Brown
    IDR 23.000 (IDR 1,75) 
  • Eyelash Glow
    IDR 5.000 (USD 0,4)
  • Elise Eyelash Glue
    IDR 20.000 (USD 1,5) 
  • Viva Fin Touch #4
    IDR 4.000 (USD 0,3) 

  • Viva Lipstick #11
    IDR 12.000 (USD 0,9) 

Total price is IDR 164.000!!!! OMG can you believe that?? hahaha I can't believe I still got about IDR 36.000 left to spend. I actually cheating by using contact lens, mainly because I can't see without my glasses. If you add contact lens price (IDR 63.000 or USD 4,8) the price will be over IDR 200.000 ofcourse. But it's not essential for this looks so let me pass on this one :p 

My recommendation is Pixy BB cream and Elise eyelash glue. I used to rave Marcks loose powder, but now I feel it doesn't do justice like the old time :( I strongly recommend Elise Eyelash glue, for little price, it can do BIG job. I use it for cosplay, it doesn't budge for almost 8 hours. I LOVEEEE it. You guys should buy it. 

Ok then that's all folks. Thank you for reading and see you on my next post!  

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